Rolex Dayton takes the N factory and AR factory which is better

Today, Rolex’s well-known reputation is also known in the watch industry. Rolex’s water ghosts have risen in price every year from the famous to the present, and they have to be scheduled. A watch is difficult to find. Rolex is the most typical watch brand, Dayton The series is more difficult to find than the water ghost series. The price of Daytona at auction is also several times the original price, but in terms of style, the production volume of the Daytona series is more than that of the water ghost series. of. Personally feel that the Rolex Daytona series is a more popular poison than the Water Ghost series.

In 2017, the AR factory introduced Daytona with the same thickness as the genuine one. The material also uses 904L stainless steel, which is very textured. It looks perfect, but the AR factory uses a modified version of the 7750 movement. In fact, the timing function is sacrificed. Neither the scoring disc nor the timing disc can be used. Only by thinning the movement can the thickness problem be overcome. Fish and bear paws cannot be used. It's a pity to have both.

However, in 2018, the Rolex Daytona of the N factory turned out to be a replica of the 4130 movement, the thickness is the same as the original one, and all functions are 100% fully realized. A customized KIF shock absorber is used. The whole machine is designed according to the real Cal.4130 movement, and the three-layer substrate is designed according to the original factory from chamfer to sun pattern 1:1. Because it is completely engraved based on genuine 4130 movement. The realization of both the fish and the paw.

The Daytona produced by the N factory and the AR factory, of course, are also different in price. In terms of price, the AR factory costs more than 3,000 points, while the N factory costs more than 4,000. Let us not talk about the difference between the two. First of all, there is a certain gap in price. Everyone wants to buy the best goods at a cheap price. Specifically, the N factory Daytona is more perfect than the AR factory, and the AR factory Daytona is more advantageous in price. Since we are ordinary people, the horse watch timing function is not too common, so you can also choose the AR factory Daytona. Of course, if you want a more perfect one, it is very wise to buy a Daytona from the N factory.

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